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Mon Jul 27, 2020

expert talks | flixxo, argentina

Interview with Sergio Sosa | Flixxo, Argentina | at SERIALE PRO 2019

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Mon Jul 20, 2020

how the internet influences our identity

An Interview with the creators of the digital series En Red/In Network. En Red/In Network was nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Production Design at the Seriale 2020.

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Mon Jul 13, 2020

creator interviews | utopia planitia, united states

Interview with George Reese, Director and Co-Writer of Utopia Planitia & Founder and Co-Director of Minnesota WebFest

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Tue Jul 7, 2020

A countryside crime drama from New Zealand

Interview with Fiona Armstrong, producer and co-writer and Travis Graham, director and co-writer of the pilot Constance. Constance won the Best Pilot award at die Seriale 2020.

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