Valerio Camelin

Actor, Creator | Italy

Born in Rome in 1985, he graduated in Dramatic Art at the “Accademia di Formazione e Sperimentazione Artistica Kairòs Teatro” in Rome, where also obtained the diction certification. He completed his training through several workshops, dramatic acting masters and ‘acting on camera’ with important names of italian cinema and theatre. He has been realizing stage experiences with numerous companies which he is still collaborating with: Compagnia giovani Mauri Sturno, Arteficio, Area5, Officina e Trame. For the latter he played Moby Jona in the web series “La Festa Triste - Game Series” (2017) that won the Tuscany Web Festival as Best Italian Web Series - film direction by Mattia Marcucci and theatrical direction by Chiara Bonome. In 2011 began the collaboration as a technician with the company “Attori e Tecnici” of the Teatro Vittoria in Rome, of which he’s currently a member, actor, technical and stage director. He is permanently the technical director of the productions of Attori e Tecnici, Officina, Area5,Artifice, Plots, Garofoli/Nexus. Over the years he has realized various light designs including: “La ridicola notte di P.” - which debuted at “Festival del teatro di Napoli” (2018). He’s the author of the play “A miglior vita”.