Sebastian Jansen

Creative Producer | Eumel Film | Germany

In 2013, Sebastian Jansen completed his bachelor’s degree in time-based media at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences with honors. His internationally award-winning graduation film “Registered“ was followed by more short films, commercials and music videos, all of which have achieved great attention beyond Germany. In 2016, Jansen completed another study (diploma in “Film Production“) at the Vancouver Film School - also with honors. In addition to his directing career, Jansen has worked regularly since 2010 as an editor for advertising and TV - including the children‘s news program “logo“ at ZDF. Both Jansen’s graduation film “Registered“ and his interactive youth drama “weiter - Der Film“ (2011) were used as teaching material in German schools. In 2017 Jansen and Büttner established “Eumel Film“ to pursue their shared objective to make feature films for and with children starting with “Little Achilles“.