Ricarda Saleh

Creator | Germany

Born in Kiel, Germany, Ricarda Saleh is a german-bolivian film maker. She studied documentary film at the University of Suxxex and the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and finished it with the 360°/VR documentary Lionhearted (2017). The movie won Best New Media Award at the Chico Independent Film Festival 2018 in California, Best New Media Award at the Newark International Film Festival 2018 as well as Best 360° film at the 23. Avanca Festival 2019. Her second VR documentary, PARIS TERROR – Die Geiseln vom Hyper Cacher reached over 150.000 viewers on tagesschau.de and was awarded with Best VR Documentary at the Venice Fine Arts Film Festival 2018 and Best 360° movie XRC Award. In 2019, Ricarda realized the web series Throwback89 as writer and co-director. At the 12. International Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt, Ricarda was invited to join the VR competition‘s jury. She is a Member of the Verband für Film- und Fernsehdramaturgie e.V. (VeDRA).