Tue Jun 9, 2020

Creator Interviews | Anomalie, Germany

Anomalie | Germany

Interview with Christian Stadach, Stephan Böhl and Marc Boutter | Tag & Nacht Media

If we have learned anything from Netflix recent hit series Dark (2017) it’s that time and identity are as intertwined as in a state of flux. The award-winning digital series Anomalie (2019), that won the award Best Director at last year’s Seriale, shows that the hype about coming-of-age stories to explore mysterious family relations and the realm of the supernatural is far from over.

In this video we introduce you to Stephan Böhl and Christian Stadach – both heart and mind behind Anomalie – who founded the production company Tag & Nacht Media together with Thomas Meudt, out of a seminar room at Darmstadt University. As Darmstadt is also the place where the events of the series unfold, they discuss the significance of filming locations yet unknown touching on their importance for developing a unique cinematographic style. Moreover leading actor Marc Boutter talks about the protagonist’s quest to find out about his identity and the past of his parents. Be assured he’s giving no spoilers about the twisted ending of Anomalie … ;-)

Anomalie (Season 1, Part 2) won the award for Best Production Design at die Seriale 2020.

Text: Robert Wolff
Film team: Micaela Masetto, Valerija Levin
Music: Jonathan Barbir
Editing: Beate Bambauer