Nominees 2019

best series

All narrative series are nominated for BEST SERIES and get the chance to receive the SPECIAL JURY AWARD and the AUDIENCE AWARD. The BEST SERIES award includes prize money of 1.000€.

best director

  • Anomalie Christian Stadach
  • Caterpillars’ Times Catherine White
  • Dele Viaje Jose Pablo García Montero
  • Dreaming Whilst Black Adjani Salmon, Laura Seixas
  • It’s forbidden to whistle Ludmila Wagnest & Maria Eva De Sanctis
  • Noche de Amor Pedro Levati
  • Public Writer Eric Piccoli
  • Similar Martín Piroyansky
  • The Vault Sara Martins

best screenplay

  • Anomalie Christian Stadach, Stephan Zimmermann
  • Dele Viaje Jose Pablo García Montero
  • How To Know if You’re Dating a Narcissist Kristy Best
  • In Bed Shota Gamisonia
  • In the Land of the Wolves Oliver Mend
  • Indictus Marianna Lo Pizzo
  • Noche de Amor Agustina Levati, Pedro Levati
  • Public Writer Eric Piccoli, Michel Duchesne
  • Similar Martín Piroyansky

best cinematography

  • A-Live Nicolò Cappello
  • Angst Sami Ancieta
  • Anomalie Marco Eisenbarth
  • Die on the wheel’s Ignacio Flores
  • Dorien Luis Ángel Pérez
  • Indictus Francesco Dinolfo
  • M Luciano Badaracco
  • Nomad 7 Flavio Langoni, Gustavo Felman
  • The strategy of water Mauro Boscarato

best actress

  • Caterpillars’ Times Karelle Tremblay
  • Dorien Carolina Bang
  • einfach Maria Maria Kempken
  • Gorda Karina Hernández
  • In the Land of the Wolves Rose of Dolls
  • Klicknapped Merle Collet
  • Noche de Amor Mirta Busnelli
  • Rebecca Mariana Lewis
  • The Green Challenge Annette Krossa

best actor

  • Dorien Dani Muriel
  • Dreaming Whilst Black Adjani Salmon
  • Frank Robert Harrison
  • Life in the Dead Zone Des Morgan
  • Public Writer Emmanuel Schwartz
  • Real Juan Grandinetti
  • The Green Challenge Helge van Hove
  • The strategy of water Davide Strava
  • Similar Martín Piroyansky

best original score

  • Angst Mariusz Orchel + Spectral Project
  • Anomalie Thomas Meudt, Stephan Zimmermann
  • Dele Viaje Patiño
  • Dorien Iván Cester, Javier Bayón
  • Frank Jim Lang
  • M Yosef Munro

best sound design

  • Angst
  • Demon X
  • Indictus
  • It’s forbidden to whistle
  • Real
  • The Vault

best supporting actor

  • Anomalie Thomas Bartling
  • Dorien Jimmy Shaw
  • In the Land of the Wolves Oliver Mend
  • Life in the Dead Zone Gabriel Page
  • Noche de Amor Gastón Armagno
  • The strategy of water Giancarlo Previati

best supporting actress

  • Anomalie Anna-Marlene Wirtz
  • Caterpillars’ Times Louise Bombardier
  • Dorien Marcarena Gómez
  • einfach Maria Anastasija Bräuniger
  • In the Land of the Wolves Ane Lindane
  • Public Writer Sandrine Bisson

best ensemble cast

  • After Nightfall
  • Awkwardly
  • Dark Area
  • Freelancers
  • Noche de Amor
  • Other People’s Children
  • Queer Amsterdam
  • Theater People

best editing

  • 555m Yoo JooHyun
  • A-Live Riccardo Cannella
  • Anomalie Marco Eisenbarth, Christian Stadach
  • Die on the wheel’s Alex Ortíz, Ignacio Tapia, Benjamín Pavez
  • In the Land of the Wolves Damian Karras, Oliver Mend
  • Klicknapped Andreas Massopust
  • Public Writer Eric Piccoli, Charles Grenier
  • Vitto Wai Fran García

best visual effects

  • 555m
  • Demon X
  • Indictus
  • Nomad 7
  • The Leader
  • The Vault

best production design

  • How To Know if You’re Dating a Narcissist
  • In Bed
  • Klicknapped
  • Necessary Evil
  • The strategy of water
  • The Vault

best costume design

  • How To Know if You’re Dating a Narcissist
  • In the Land of the Wolves
  • Indictus
  • The strategy of water
  • Wrong Kind of Black

The following categories get the chance to receive the AUDIENCE AWARD.

best animation

  • Antarktika
  • Fast Heroes Sixty
  • The Unadaptables

best documentary

  • Bastards.
  • Buschka discovers Germany
  • Chinese Dream
  • Crazy Possible
  • Future History 1968
  • Guardiões do Cerrado
  • Hanshi Charlie
  • Hungry Bytes
  • Strangers in the Heart of Europe
  • Taste
  • VideoHunterS

best pilot

  • Flight69
  • Hinterher
  • Little Achilles
  • Otherside
  • Pandas don’t cry
  • Security
  • The Night of the Hungry Turtles
  • The Snowman’s Gift
  • The Well
  • Twinky Doo’s Magic World
  • Utopia Planitia