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Giessen, June 12th, 2017

ARD/ZDF web series WISHLIST wins "Best Series" at IndieSeriesFestival dieSeriale

„Web series are a format of the future: Creative filmmakers do pioneer work regarding short format digital series, that are made exclusively for the internet.“, that is the positive summary of festival director Csongor Dobrotka. From 9th to 11th of June, the IndieFestival in Giessen presented 42 independently produced series and four pilot episodes. For the first time, the festival went international and presented web series from five continents.

The series „Wishlist“, directed by Marc Schießer, won the award for „Best Series“, including 2.000 Euro price money, donated by the VOD-platform „Netfall“. The mystery-thriller series was created for „Funk“, the new internet youth channel of ARD and ZDF. Lucie Tournant from France was awarded „Best Director“, for her no-budget series „Weakness“. The Lebanese documentary web series by Denise Jabbour and Muriel Aboulrouss, consisting of poetric portraits, won „Best Documentary“ and „Best Cinematography“. The award for „Best Pilot“ went to „Albtrauf“, the mystery-series was created at the film acedemy Ludwigsburg. The prizes were awarded during the Award Ceremony on Sunday evening and the major of Giessen Dietlind Grabe-Bolz already invited everyone for next year. The city of Giessen is one of the main sponsors of the festival.

The festival was accompanied by a three-day supporting program with lectures, talks, panels, pitchings and networking events. The festival was also made possible by „HessenFilm und Medien“. Catherine Lieser, responsible for youth development, visited the „Business Day“ and talked to the creators and international guests.

Hesse in a pioneering role

„The market for web series is developing in a dynamic and fascinating way, producers seek for business models, so the exchange is important. It’s a good thing, that the Hesse festival dieSeriale is in a pioneering role,“ Rolf Krämer, head of division of „Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft, Medienwirtschaft und E-Commerce“ at „Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development“, that sponsored the „Business Day“ at dieSeriale.

„dieSeriale is an international get-together of web series creators and promoters. To deal with new emerging phenomena, also on a reflecting level, I consider an important task in the education sector - also to be able to estimate such trends more objectively,“ Anja Henningsmeyer said, Managing Director of the „Hessen Film and Media Acedemy“ (hFMA), that supported the „Educational Day“ as a co-operation partner.

„At the moment, there is a market emerging for web series. The „Business Day“ was an important step, to not fall behind in the international development. The who’s who of the industry met in Germany at the festival and that is an important boost“, said Julian Hansmann, founder of the VOD-platform „Nettfall“.

Web series - the format of the future

Web series are a very young format in Germany. In an international context, they have been established for years and are called Digital Series. Outstanding about them are their creative diversity and freedom in production. Web series are usually produced independently, but technically and in terms of content on a very high level. They can have all existing genres like drama, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery, mockumentary and documentary for example.

About dieSeriale

dieSeriale was founded in 2015 by the award-winning filmmakers Csongor Dobrotka (Number of Silence) and Dennis Albrecht (Filmstadt). The IndieFestivals intend is, to make the diverse series landscape visible outside of the television and to give networking options to the creators. The organizers of the festival are Dobago Film in co-operation with the „Kulturamt“ of the city of Giessen and the „Kinocenter“ Giessen. The festival is supported by „HessenFilm and Medien“, Lichtacker Mediendesign, the Hotel & Restaurant heyligenstaedt, éclat Germany, Seeka TV, MIA Aesthetics and the VOD platform „Netfall“. The „Educational Day“ was developed in co-operation with the „Hessen Film and Media Acedemy“ (hFMA). The „Business Day“ is sponsored by the „Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development“.

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The “WISHLIST” team (l. to r.): Tui Lohf (Director of Photography), Marcel Becker-Neu (Creator/Sound Design/Producer), Marc Schießer (Creator/Director/Sound Design/Editor), Yannik Heß (VFX), Christina Ann Zalamea (Creator/Associate Producer), Daniel Ernst (Director of Photography).

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Contact: Csongor Dobrotka, Founder & Festival Director
mobile: +49 170 2239753

Giessen, May 28th, 2017

die Seriale - 3rd IndieSeriesFestival Giessen

Germanys first festival for web series goes international

Die Seriale - 3rd IndieSeriesFestival Giessen will take place between 9 to 11 June 2017 at Kinocenter Giessen and Hotel & Restaurant heyligenstaedt. 42 independent web series and 4 pilot episodes will be screened during 3 days and in 4 screenings at the cinema. The series from 15 countries and 5 continents guarantee an exciting and diverse program. A range of creators and cast & crew from over 10 countries will be present to give an insight into the production of their series. The festival is accompanied by a comprehensive supporting program: In the course of three days there will be lectures, talks, panels, pitchings and networking events. Two of the highlights will be the „Business Day“ on Sunday, when the international web series industry will meet and the „Educational Day“ on Friday, when the medium web series will be examined from a scientific-theoretical point of view.

In the competition of die Seriale are 42 web series and 4 pilot episodes. They will be screened in 4 screenings at Kinocenter Giessen: on Friday, June 9 (7 pm and 9:30 pm) and on Saturday, June 10 (4:30 pm and 7 pm). After the screenings there will be Q&As with the creators, that will be moderated by the ex-comedian, today voice actor, author and blogger Monty Arnold and the actress Simone Terbrack. The nominated series will be awarded with 15 awards, selected by an international Jury, on Sunday evening at the Award Ceremony. The award for „Best Series“ includes 2.000 €, donated by the VOD-platform „Netfall“.

With the 3rd edition, die Seriale is now part of the Web Series World Cup, together with wellknown festivals for web series like Vancouver Web Fest (Canada), Bilbao Web Fest (Spain), Sicily Web Fest (Italy) or Seoul Webfest (South Korea).

die Seriale - Jury 2017

Our Jury members of this years festival are Otessa Marie Ghadar (Director; Founder of „DC Web Fest“, USA), Young Man Kang (Director; Founder of „Seoul Webfest“, South Korea), Astrid Matron (Theater Scientist and Film Theorist, Berlin) and the three producers of the multi-award winning web series „MEM“ from Hesse, Germany: Christian Stadach (Director; Motion Graphics and Compositing Artist), Stephan Zimmermann (Writer; Composer & Sound Designer), Thomas Meudt (Composer & Sound Designer).

Web Series - the format of the future

Web series are a very young format in Germany but in an international context they are widely established and by now mostly called Digital Series. Outstanding about these shortformat digital series is their creative variety and the complete freedom in implementing their visions. In most cases they are produced independently but technically and content-related produced on a very high level. Web series have a large genre range: Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Mockumentary, Mystery, Documentary - and all those genres will be shown at die Seriale this year.

A Cowboy, Demons and a Front Yard in Los Angeles - Series in the Competition

In the drama series Blind Data from Germany two strangers meet blindfolded in a scientific study. The man and the woman fall into deep but threatened love, without ever seeing each other. The fictional series is a real experiment, because even behind the scenes both actors never saw each other. In Osmosis from France it’s all about human relationships, too: In a near future, the online dating site Osmosis guarantees to find your perfect soulmate, thanks to a revolutionary algorithm. But it’s perhaps not as wonderful as it sounds… We’ll make a trip around the world with the sketch comedy Yukata Cowboy from Japan and will learn more about the peculiarities of different cultures. In the thriller series Hidden from Italy, five strangers are invited on a seemingly deserted island. The dinner is perfectly prepared for them by their mysterious host and soon they will learn, why they are all here. Daemonium from Argentina shows us an alternate universe, where the people opened a portal to the Demons’ Realm and thereby provoked an everlasting crisis, a permanent world at the brink of the apocalypse. The actress and director Kaye Kittrell takes us on an adventurous journey in Late Bloomer and inspires us to grow our own food: In this documentary series, with 100 episodes so far, Kaye recorded her adventure of becoming a food grower and shows us how she rebuilt her Los Angeles frond yard into a garden. The mystery series Spessart Shorts is based on the arcane legends and myths of Spessart, a mountain region in Germany and the comedy series High Road from New Zealand surprises with guest star Emma Thompson and tells us about Terry Huffers life, a washed up english rockstar from years ago.

The Supporting Program - Talks, Lectures, Panels, Pitchings & Networking Events

The Official Opening of die Seriale will take place on Friday , 4:00 pm with the mayor of the city of Giessen Dietlind Grabe-Bolz, at our festival center Hotel & Restaurant heyligenstaedt. The supporting program focusses on different aspects every day.

The Educational Day will be on Friday, June 9. This day revolves around a scientific-theoretical examination of the medium web series. Lectures and panels will take place between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm and the audience gets the opportunity to ask questions. This part of the program is a cooperation with „Hessen Film and Media Academy“ (hFMA), network of 13 Hessian Universities. The Independent Day starts on Saturday at 10:00 am in Wetzlar with a Workshop on scriptwriting for web series, entitled: „Scriptwriting - where do I start and what’s down the road?“ (only with registration). This event is supported by „Kulturfonds Giessen-Wetzlar“. Starting at 12:00 am/noon at the festival center Giessen, there will be Panels and Short Presentations by creators, about the production of their series and 7 festival partners will present their festivals. At the Business Day, that is held within the frame of die Seriale at „kurzweilamt im taT“ on Sunday, June 11, between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, international Speakers will present an overview of the worldwide web series markets like Canada, Asia and USA. There will also be Panels with the topics distribution and production. In the afternoon the Speed Pitchings will take place, where the creators get the chance to present their work and afterwards there will be a Networking Event. The Business Day is supported by the „Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development“.

The supporting program (except the Award Ceremony) is free for the public. A registration is needed for the Business Day via e-mail and registrations for the Pitchings can be made until June, 6th. The prices for the screening tickets are the usual cinema ticket prices. You get a Festival Pass, by buying 4 screening tickets at the cinema. The Festival Pass is also the invitation and ticket for the Award Ceremony.

Organizers of die Seriale are Dobago Film in cooperation with the Cultural Office of Giessen and Kinocenter Giessen. The festival is supported by Lichtacker Mediendesign, Hotel & Restaurant heyligenstaedt, Seeka TV, éclat Germany and the VOD-platform Netfall. The Educational Day is a cooperation with „Hessen Film and Media Academy“ (hFMA). The Business Day is supported by „Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development“.

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