Ariana Gansuh

Actress ,Writer | BFFS | Germany

Ariana Gansuh is a german-mongolian actress and writer. She grew up in Berlin and lives Hessen (Frankfurt am Main) since 2012. Besided her acting career she writes her own texts and is currently developing a series about three friends as well as the semi-autobiographical motion picture Wenn der Regen fällt. Together with the photographer Daniel Dornhöfer from Mainz, she maintains her own Youtube channel “Drame Queen Monologues“. Since 2019, Ariana organizes an evening dedicated to monologues to create a platform for actors and actresses at the Frankfurter Denkbar. Also in 2019, she became the a regional sponsor at BFFS for Hessia and hosts the BFFS podcast “Schauspiel Held*innen“. Her most recent work inlcudes “Transatlantik473“ by Netflix and “Kontaktlos“, a mini series of Hessischer Rundfunk.