Stefan Pohl

Director of Photography, Filmmaker | Germany

Stefan Pohl, born in 1978, is a Diploma Designer, Director of Photography and Filmmaker. Already as a teenager he was drawing and engaged in Art and Design. During his graphic design studies at the University of applied science in Wiesbaden he discovered film to be his favorite media. Since 2007 he is making and working at Short-, Documentary-, Corporate and commercial films. In 2015 his self-produced documentary “Hello my name is - German Graffiti” has been screened in Cinemas all over Germany and released as VoD in 81 different countries on a self-distribution base. He likes the huge variety in style and realization which can be found in the format of documentaries. For him, a good documentary grants access to the different protagonist’s life and points of view. In the best case it offers the audience a sense of meeting the protagonist’s in real life and changes our mindset about society and our environment.