Movie Theater: Kinocenter Giessen

All four screening blocks will take place in the centrally located Kinocenter Giessen in the movie theater's biggest hall called "Broadway".

Kinocenter Giessen
Bahnhofstrasse 34
35390 Giessen
Ticket Hotline: +49 641 72 108

Festival Center: Hotel & Restaurant heyligenstaedt

The "Educational Day", the "Opening Ceremony" and the "Independent Day" with lectures & panels will take place here. The events are free and open for everyone. The restaurant will be host to the "Award Ceremony" and the official party afterwards. Entry is limited to festival pass holders and special guests with official invitation.

Hotel & Restaurant heyligenstaedt
Aulweg 41
35392 Giessen
phone: +49 641 4609650

Location "Business Day": kurzweilamt im taT

The "Business Day", that is held within the frame of "die Seriale" will take place here, with panels, talks, pitchings and networking events.

kurzweilamt im taT
Berliner Platz 1
35390 Giessen
phone: +49 641 79570

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