Traveller’s Guide to Giessen

Here are some tips for a safe and smooth trip to „die Seriale“.

If you like to come here by plane, you need to book your flight to FRANKFURT AIRPORT (FRA). The city is called: Frankfurt am Main. It is the biggest airport in Germany and you can reach GIESSEN easily by train. From FRANKFURT AIRPORT it will take 60 minutes to GIESSEN TRAINSTATION. We will pick you up from the trainstation.

Giessen´s time-zone is Europa/Berlin, at the moment UTC+2, so you might get a little jetlagged after your arrival, we therefore recommend to book a flight for arriving at least 1 day in advance of the festival start.

In most cases you will have the opportunity to book direct flights. We recommend these flights as they are often on same price-level as step-over-flights and quite more comfortable. We recommend flying with LUFTHANSA if possible.

Please make sure to have a valid passport, voucher and visa (if needed).

Preferred credit-cards in Germany are MASTER CARD and VISA - only 50% of shops and hotels accept AMERICAN EXPRESS. Please be aware that in Germany people usually pay in cash for amounts below 30€.

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