Country: Israel|Genre: Documentary|
Creators: Assaf Machnes, Miki Fromchenko

My Cat Man

Country: South Korea|Genre: Romance/Action/Fantasy|
Creators: Park Hyeonjin, Song Hyeonju


Country: Brazil|Genre: Drama|Creator: Alice Carvalho

The Sand Mine

Country: Germany/Italy|Genre: Documentary|
Creators: Katalin Ambrus, Nina Mair, Matthias Neumann

An Unromantic Summer Tale | PILOT

Country: Germany|Genre: Unromantic Comedy|
Creator: Christian Grundey

Flatbush Misdemeanors | PILOT

Country: USA |Genre: Comedy/Crime|
Creators: Kevin Iso, Dan Perlman

Night Patrol | PILOT

Country: France|Genre: Thriller/Crime|
Creator: Hob et Marthi

Under the Weather | PILOT

Country: USA|Genre: Comedy|
Creator: Miriam Weiner

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