Best Series

All series from the Official Selection
are nominated for BEST SERIES and have also
the chance to receive the SPECIAL JURY AWARD.

Best Director

Riccardo Cannella - Anachronisme
Michael Söth - Deichbullen
Harry Sherriff - Early Days
Pedro Levati - Esther's Style/Estilo Esther
Luke Eve - High Life
Gastón Armagno - Hotel Romanov
Gisela Benenzon - I'm Ander/Soy Ander
Sergio Carreño - Natural Selection
Kate Madison - Ren: The Girl with the Mark
Daniel Hendler - The Division/La División

Best Actress

Beatrice Schiros - Caronte/Charon
Estela Garelli - Esther's Style/Estilo Esther
Odessa Young - High Life
Florencia Colucci - Hotel Romanov
Candela Vetrano - I'm Ander/Soy Ander
Hélène Kuhn - Jezabel
Amandine Hervé-Pouchet - MH
Chaieun Lee - Ohgusil/The Ordinary Life of Ms. O!
Priscilla Vilela - Septo
Sara Martins - Sparebnb
Ana Caldas - We All Wanted To Kill The President

Best Actor

Ivan Olivieri - Anachronisme
Tony Tambi - Con$equences
James Harkness - Early Days
Reinhard Paul Seyer - Ebersberg
Mehmet Günsür - Kanaga
Lim Siwan - My Cat Man
Santiago Gómez - Natural Selection
Yohan Genin - Nemausus
Daniel Hendler - The Division/La División
Hannes Hellmann - The Man for your Sins

Best Supporting Actress

Constance Ejuma - Con$equences
Lenka Arnold - Deichbullen
Claudine Baschet - Frapuccino
Lola Berthet - I'm Ander/Soy Ander
Angela Palmer - Spiral
Ana Katz - The Division/La División
Nozuko Nkosiyane - Thesha

Best Supporting Actor

John Tague - Con$equences
Ben Becker - Deichbullen
Steve Noh - Dragon Race
Benson Jack Anthony - High Life
Gastón Armagno - Hotel Romanov
Peter Lohmeyer - The Man for your Sins
Andrew Horner - The Tone

Best Cinematography

Beppe Gallo - Caronte/Charon
Rolf Lindblom - End Unsung
Fermin Torres - Hotel Romanov
Tolga H. Yuceil - Kanaga
Park Jongcheol - My Cat Man
Andrés Hernández - Natural Selection
Neil Oseman - Ren: The Girl with the Mark
Hugh Turral - Restoration
Thiago Coghi - The Heritage/A Herança
Lungelo Mdlalose - Thesha

Best Screenplay

Bruce - Warwick Holt, Mat Blackwell
Claire and Michel - Gabriel Doré
God's 17 - Nir Shelter, Tai Scrivener, Courtney Powell
I'm Ander/Soy Ander - Gisela Benenzon
In Absentia - Jessica Silvetti, Ethan Kogan
Kanaga - Caterina Mongiò, Kaan Yüceil, Tolga Yüceil
Natural Selection - Sergio Carreño, Carol Peña
Or So The Story Goes - Theresa Labreglio, Melissa Malone, Bryan Civitarese
Sparebnb - Adam Lavis, Jo Smyth
Stage Fright/Lampenfieber - Fabian Wallenfels, Levin Hübner, Ingrid Kaltenegger, Kirsten Loose
We All Wanted To Kill The President - Ana Ramón Rubio

Best Editing

Thibaud Paul Martin - Alice in Paris
Stéphanie Gaurier - Dragon Race
Ignacio Guala, Pedro Levati - Esther's Style/Estilo Esther
Melanie Annan - High Life
Devin Yüceil, Tolga H. Yüceil - Kanaga
Atsushi Ogata - Mona Lisa Cowboy
Duckgil Choi - Ohgusil/The Ordinary Life of Ms. O!
Adriano Oliveira, Felipe Vianna - The Heritage/A Herança

Best Original Score

Gian Marco Castro - Anachronisme
Felix Marks - End Unsung
Sarah Blasko - High Life
Eduardo Cimino, Gustavo Braga - I'm Ander/Soy Ander
Andoni Santos - Sol Naciente
Matias Singer - The Division/La División
Jonathan M. Roe - The Pantsless Detective

Best Sound Design

Dragon Race
Ren: The Girl with the Mark

Best Visual Effects

My Cat Man
Ren: The Girl with the Mark
Sol Naciente

Best Production Design

Alice in Paris
Dragon Race
Christopher Dane - Ren: The Girl with the Mark
Jacqueline Miller, Lisa Cookson - Restoration
The Pantsless Detective

Best Costume Design

Steph Hooke - Bruce
Bruciare Violini
Hotel Romanov
Jimena Sánchez - Natural Selection
Ohgusil/The Ordinary Life of Ms. O!
Miriam Spring Davies - Ren: The Girl with the Mark

Best Original Song

Deichbullen - "Zu Neuen Ufern",
Reverend Christian Dabeler
I'm Ander/Soy Ander - "Voy a cambiar",
Eduardo Cimino, Gustavo Braga (Music),
Gisela Benenzon (Lyrics)
Jezabel - "Ta Gueule", Max Guiguet
Or So The Story Goes - "3,2,1", Judith Avers
The Pantsless Detective - "Lonely Avenue",
Jonathan M. Roe (Music), Tom Chamberlain (Lyrics)

Best Animation/Puppetry

2 Aliens
God is Coming
Hermann Sox
This is Desmondo Ray!

Best Documentary

1 Minute Meal
House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu
Kinshasa Collection
Naturally Salt Spring
Shotgun Boogie
The Sand Mine
The Secret Lives of Public Servants

Best Pilot

An Unromantic Summer Tale
Dear Mankind
Flatbush Misdemeanors
Gorchlach: The legend of Cordelia
Night Patrol
Under the Weather
Up, Up

All creators of the pilots
have the opportunity to PITCH
their project during the festival.

Coming soon: Nominations for Special Selection Pick,
Vancouver Web Fest 2018.

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